ORDINANCE 2018-1023





Requires property owners to keep their properties clean and free of refuse

Refuse = garbage, rubbish

Community Service Director can change days of collection, location of refuse for pick-up, and other matters pertaining to collection, transporting and disposal of refuse; can’t violate this chapter

Property owners/occupants are required to obtain refuse containers

Refuse must be drained of all liquid; refuse containers must be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner

Refuse containers must not be overfilled

1 refuse container is assigned to all residential and commercial properties within the city for free

Residential and commercial locations can obtain from the city up to 5 additional refuse containers; $10 service fee per month added for each additional container.

CMP will pick up metal dumpsters - $80 if city has to provide the dumpster, $40 if the owner provides the dumpster

Refuse containers must be placed within 2 feet of the curb/street line, handles facing the curb/street line – no interference with powerlines, tree branches, parked cars, or creating a nuisance

Refuse collection vehicles do not service alleys

Refuse containers not to be placed on roads, sidewalks, drainage ditches

Community Service Dept. may accommodate individuals with walking impairments

Refuse containers can be out 7 PM night before collection to 7 PM day of collection; must be out at 7 AM day of collection to guarantee pick-up.

Weekly collection

No pick-up on New Year’s Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

CMP will not collect refuse unless it is properly stored in containers – will not pick up spills


Service Fee

RESIDENTIAL                    One pick-up per week.

Regular customers:                              $17.50

                                                Senior citizens:                                    $16.50


COMMERCIAL                    One pick-up per week.                        $25.00

                                                            Each additional pick-up                      $25.00

Refuse collection fees and refuse container fees are assessed to ALL users where the service is available; No properties shall be exempt from the fees unless that property is not connected to gas, water, or electricity. No opting out.

Prohibited items – flammable substances, hazardous substances, construction waste, hot materials, human or animal waste, infectious waste

Unlawful to disturb someone else’s refuse container

$75 to replace refuse containers; CMP will replace containers damaged during collection; containers can’t be moved from one property to another

$50 fine for violating this chapter